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About Us


Mariachi Mariposas began in the summer of 2012 in an effort to safeguard our cultural music and give performance opportunities to female mariachi musicians. In a male dominated genre, Mariachi Mariposas strives to set the example in being a mariachi that can play and sing the art of mariachi music as well as our male counterparts. Mrs. Mayra Garcia, a veteran mariachi musician and educator, directs Mariachi Mariposas. She began her mariachi studies at the age of 12 in La Joya I.S.D. and later moved on to be part of U.T.P.A. Mariachi "Aztlan" during her studies for bachelors and master's degrees at U.T.P.A. With the experience of learning from some of the best mariachi musicians in the world, Mayra then applied her skills to forming and leading Mariachi Mariposas, a group consisting of some of the finest female mariachi musicians in the Rio Grande Valley.


In their short amount of existence, Mariachi Mariposas have received public acceptance as being one of the best female mariachi groups in the state of Texas. Mariposas believe that music is a gift and participates in providing the Rio Grande Valley communities with free public concerts so that all may enjoy mariachi music and help continue and preserve our traditions. 

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