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How All the “Bad” Things Softened My Heart

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

This year has been tough on all of us. We’ve all been dealing with the effects of COVID-19. It has affected our families, our economy and sadly taken way too many lives. We’re also nearing our next presidential election which means that politics and opinions have become more predominant within our friends and family. Not to mention the different opinions surrounding the recent movements on equality. All of this has hardened the hearts of people, it has created fear and anxiety in many, and it has ruined relationships between families and friends who can’t seem to agree or take the same side.

During all of this, I too became angry. I became angry that so many people weren’t taking the pandemic seriously and that so much hate and violence was spilling into communities all over the country. I became angry that because of my personal opinions on all of these matters, I was losing friends. I started to become fearful about posting anything. I was always worried that my opinion would not be the popular one and that I would be judged. I worried that I would anger people and that I would not be liked by those on my Facebook page. Then, something happened.

See, I recently had a health scare. I was told that I needed to get tests done by my doctor because of some of the physical symptoms I had been having. Of course, I fell into the trap of looking for

answers online and we all know how bad that can be. Usually, we’ll get results from it’s probably nothing to it could be cancer. The problem this time was that my specific symptoms never showed it’s probably nothing. All of my research pointed to cancer. Then, the imaging center called to add additional tests because of my symptoms and all of them were to check for cancer. I was terrified! I cried often and I prepared myself to hear the worst. I even spoke to my husband and parents about how hard I would fight this. By the mercy of God was told that I don’t have cancer! I truly believe that God healed me, but that’s for another time.

During that time of waiting, I had many moments where I took time to reflect. I reflected on current events, and thought about what really was important and what really mattered. I felt God telling me that I should love others as he has loved me. Right now more that’s ever, it is easier said than done. I started to realize that in the midst all the “bad” occurring in the world, I was still blessed. I started to feel happy for what I have and started worrying less about what I don’t. I realized that if my perfect God can love me, I should love me too. I know I may not be the most popular and I will not always make people happy and that’s okay. I’m going to love those that love and care about me and love them hard. For those that don’t, I will pray for them anyway. In the end, my heart will be happy and I will have peace. My advise, always pray for them because you will bless them and God will also bless you.

It’s not about if people deserve kindness or love. None of us deserve anything, especially not from God. We are not entitled to anything, but God still blesses us. It’s okay for you to cut ties with people that perhaps are negatively affecting your life, but be careful with your anger and your hate. Those things will affect you more than they do the other person. So I ask you can you be a blessing for someone today? Perhaps, pray for them or send them a message of encouragement.

Maybe just let them know how thankful you are for something they have done for you or simply give them an honest smile next time you see them. I promise that the more you do this the softer your heart will get and even when you’re not liked by someone, your heart will still feel blessed. Your life will be much richer and happier because of it.

I encourage you to find things you are thankful for and hold on to those things everyday. Remember to focus on the good and less on the bad. If you can get others around you to be more grateful and less angry...we can change the world! God bless you!


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